Curran "Beleth" Murphy

Curran “Beleth” Murphy was born on a January 4th in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  

Some career highlights include playing rhythm guitar for Nevermore in 1997 for the Politics of Ecstasy tour in Europe. He returned to Nevermore in 1999 for the Dead Heart in Dead World tour. 

He then went on to join Annihilator in 2001 as a full member until he started the progressive metal band Shatter Messiah in 2006 with which he released four albums.

Currently he plays with 72 Legions which he started in 2022. They released a three song EP aptly named '72 EP' which was followed by the full length album "What a God Could Be" in 2024.

Curran is also a record producer and studio owner at Custom Audio Mutation (Facebook page)and in addition a custom tube amp builder, vintage tube amp repair tech and guitar repair. 

In may 2024 Venom Inc announced Beleth will assume live duties on the guitar following Mantas second heart attack.




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