Ladies and gentlemen…the flag of Hell unfolds.

In the last few months Warheads Inc have been contemplating how this fanclub could improve, in service to the members. The sad COVID-19 times are behind us, so we finally can move forward.

We decided to get a ‘new’ name and a ‘new’ definitive logo. Just to make things clear and how we see things as they are. So, from now on it is Warheads and our trademark logo is adapted from the album which had the Venom (Inc) logo. We believe in this band as true representative of the Venom spirit. The new album There’s Only Black proves that without a shadow of a doubt. Worlwide raving press reviews support that and Venom Inc is gaining ground, day by day.

Warheads Inc members are hereby welcomed to check out the new FAN CLUB section of the Venom Inc website to renew membership. And of course, those who want to join; please do! We have some spectacular things coming up. Want to win War Machine’s drum sticks he used during the recording of There’s Only Black? An autographed set list? Limited edition guitar picks? Please register and check out the new shop, which will feature super cool stuff. We made a good start already.

Our thanks to Demolition Man, War Machine and Mantas for their support and you, for keeping the faith, unholy and strong!

Unholy Father Winston & Vicious Vicar Marcel