30 Greatest of 2022 according to Worship Metal

Tuesday December 20, 2022

Worship Metal ranked There's Only Black among the 30 Greatest British Metal Albums of 2022

Released: September 23rd, 2022 via Nuclear Blast

With Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and Mantas still wrecking necks in the name of UK metal, the legacy of Venom is alive and well. Well, sort of. Venom Inc. are categorically not the same band that released Welcome To Hell and Black Metal etc. and There’s Only Black was defiantly the work of a band focused on the future…. as opposed to simply honouring a legacy.

Spitting and snarling their way through 12 tracks of thrashin’, blackened speed metal excess, Venom Inc. remained raw and rancorous but not without direction and purpose. There was nothing sloppy about the likes of the storming “Infinitum” and the heads-down chug of “Tyrant” but there was an element of wild abandonment that made these songs so damn easy to enjoy!

A supreme slab of sticky black filth from veterans who, if truth be told, should probably be calming down by now. We, for one, are glad they’re as furious and ferocious as ever.