Mordor Radio 2023 wall calendar

Saturday December 31, 2022

[Submitted item]

Ave Alles! Wall calendar 2023 year.
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Product Parameters
Product: spiral calendars
Format: A3 portrait (297 x 420 mm)
Type of paper: glossy chalk 250 g (cover), glossy chalk 170 g (interior)
Color of the spiral and the pendant: black Varnishing,
cover foiling: standard Number of cards: 1 + 12

On the pages of the calendar, they will be able to see unique photos of the bands they have chosen!!!!!!!!! Each team agreed to put their image, and give the dates of birth of the team members!!!!!!!!!!!
You will be with such Jokers of the Metal scene as: Paul Speckmann-MASTER, Venom Inc, Dragon, HATEOFFICIAL and As'y- Besatt Horde, XificurK, NuclearwinteR , CoverNostra , EverdeaD… Grzegorz Kupczyk & CETI , Orgasmatron , Skeptic

A unique opportunity to have a calendar that you will not buy in any store! €7/$7 + postage

All money earned on the calendar will be used for the further operation of the MOST BRUTAL RADIO IN YOUR INTERNET!!!!!!!! Unfortunately , the costs of the server etc... do not cost a pack of cigarettes, but thanks to this we can support Undergroud bands, you listen to music that you will not hear on FM radios, and by the way you can win attractive prizes - CD / T-shirt etc ... So we hope that you will be interested and by the way maybe you will give your loved ones such a unique gift?

Ave Alles!
Your "Sauron" Marculus