Curran ‘Beleth’ Murphy fills in for Mantas

Tuesday May 14, 2024

While Mantas is recovering from his second heart attack former Annihilator, Nevermore and H.A.T.E. and current 72 Legions guitarist Curran Murphy has stepped in and joins the Demolition Man and JXN on stage for upcoming shows.

May 5th he made his first appearance at the Hammersonic festival in Jakarta. 

Says Curran Murphy:
Coming to Indonesia and playing the Hammer Sonic Festival for my first show with Venom Inc was absolutely amazing. The country was incredible, the promoters and crew that worked for the festival were incredibly courteous, helpful and awesome. There’s no way I could have dreamed a better way to play my first show with Venom Inc than in front of 50,000 people in Indonesia at the hammersonic Fest. The crowd reaction to the band was amazing, the fans of Venom Inc want to hear these songs played and played loud, that’s what we did and that’s what they love. The fan reaction to me personally as the guitar player filling in for Mantas was phenomenal! Every metal fan that I met over the two days in Jakarta were extremely happy with my performance of all the songs! It has been exciting and thrilling beyond belief to be given the opportunity to fill in for Mantas while he gets his health back.
Being asked by Tony to fill in for Mantas on guitar for this show was a huge opportunity and mind blowing. Then meeting Mark Jackson and playing my first show with him and Tony together on stage was just absolutely electric. To be on that stage with Tony and Mark was incredible, everything felt excellent. The flow of the songs and energetic stage performance with both of those guys was really special and exciting to be a part of.