Chilean assault ‘24

Wednesday May 29, 2024

Venom Inc will record their two concerts in Santiago, Chile

In Santiago, the band will be featured at the Cariola Theatre and Warehouse.

On a Latin American tour that will reach countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil, the British of Venom Inc will arrive in our country with the Americans of Possessed, with two dates together: one at the Cariola Theatre (Santiago) on June 1 and one at the Bodeguita de Nicanor (Concepción) on June 2.

But, in addition to the ones who are mensonated and exclusively, Venom Inc will be presented in solo on May 31 in Warehouse, with a show dedicated to only 60 people and will include mix and jam, transforming into a unique experience where fans access to one of these quotas will be able to share with the band, as well as enjoying their great classics such as a concert among friends.

In addition, the exclusive news that the British will record their two presentations in Santiago, which will be reflected in a video called “Assalto Chile ‘24” and in which you, if you are a fan or fan of the band, cannot fail.

It is time to show why so many metal bands think Chile has the best audience in the world! You want to be part of Venom Inc's story? Then don't miss both shows in Santiago!

There's still tickets! 

Venom Inc in Warehouse - Friday, 31 May

Knowledge and Jam: $40,000
Meet & Jam + Exclusive Police: $50,000

Venom Inc & Possessed in Cariola Theatre - Saturday June 1

Palcos: $57,500
Cancha: $44,850
Table: $40,250